Hi, my name is Jamie,

and I am a geek!

By day, I work as a Chemist in an average New Zealand city. It's actually a pretty cool job, I get to play with mass spectrometers all day...

But whenever I get the chance, I love to travel! While traveling across the world, I have found that I gravitate to attractions and activities that give me new insights into the world, whether through chemistry, physics, zoology, conservation, or philosophy.

So I am going to share two of my loves with all of you! An eccentric mix of science and world travel, just like the intrepid steampunk explorers (don't worry, steampunk will be explained!). So if your looking for something a bit nerdy to do on your next adventure, check out my blog for some of the sciency activity's I have written about.

I want to encourage people to ask many questions about the world they live in, and even if I don’t have the specific answers, I want to provide an insight that will keep them thinking.