Guest blog on Travelicious – Fun things to eat in Cambodia

I have written a post that is featuring on an awesome Australian travel blog called Travelicious! It’s more travel focused than my posts on here, but if your into good and/or creepy food, you should check it out! It’s all about the amazing food I got to try while travelling in┬áCambodia, which includes exotic fruits, tarantulas, and flaming cocktails! You can read it here.

There are tonnes of other really good articles on Travelicious, so have a good look around for inspiration on your next adventure. They are also really great at supporting travel writers like me, with tools and tips to get people started in the professional writing industry.

You don’t seem to be able to post comments on the┬áTravelicious website, so if you have any feedback on the post feel free to pop a comment below.I am in the process of writing my next full blog post for here as well, so stick around for some chemistry!

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